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  • Air Purifiers - BKJ-80A
  • Air Purifiers - BKJ-80A
  • Air Purifiers - BKJ-80A
  • Air Purifiers - BKJ-80A

Air Purifiers - BKJ-80A

Pre-filter (permanent) and True HEPA combined Dust Sensor Touch Key Size:500*300*745mm DC motor Smart sensors for night mode NW./GW. 7.8/10.4kgs Active carbon 65W Air Quality Indicator have different light color 261pcs for 20GP Air Ionizer 220V-240V 8 hours timing 552pcs for 40GP   1.6M power cord Ionizer control 590pcs for 40HQ   Silent mode   Low noise 3 Fan speeds Child Lock

Material: ABS& Metal


Weight: 7.8kgs

4 stages Filtration


Effective area: 70㎡

Max noise: 68dB


Experience the next level of air purification with our advanced Air Purifier – a true game-changer in creating a healthier and fresher living environment. Designed to prioritize your well-being, this powerful appliance combines cutting-edge features and user-friendly controls for an unparalleled experience.

Say goodbye to allergens and pollutants thanks to the dynamic duo of the Pre-filter (permanent) and True HEPA filter. These two work hand in hand to capture even the tiniest particles, leaving the air around you purified and safe to breathe. Worried about knowing when to replace the filters? Don't be! Our Dust Sensor automatically detects the optimal time, ensuring maximum efficiency and peace of mind.

Operating the Air Purifier has never been more effortless, thanks to the intuitive Touch Key interface. With just a simple touch, you can adjust settings to suit your preferences and lifestyle. The DC motor enhances energy efficiency, making this appliance an eco-friendly choice that doesn't compromise performance.

Nighttime is for rest and rejuvenation, and our Smart sensors make sure of that. Activating the night mode, these sensors optimize the purification process while keeping noise levels at a minimum. Speaking of noise, we understand the importance of a peaceful environment, which is why our Air Purifier boasts a Silent Mode, perfect for bedrooms and relaxation spaces.

Combat odors and create a welcoming atmosphere with the Active Carbon filter, eliminating unwanted smells and leaving your home smelling fresh and clean. Plus, with the Air Quality Indicator featuring different light colors, you can effortlessly monitor the air quality in your surroundings.

Looking for a touch of calm and serenity? Our Air Purifier comes with an Air Ionizer that releases negative ions, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Crafted from durable ABS and Metal materials, this Air Purifier is built to last. Its compact size of 500300745mm ensures easy placement in any room, while the 1.6M power cord provides added convenience.

Featuring three Fan Speeds, you have the flexibility to choose the intensity of purification. Worried about little ones around? Activate the Child Lock for worry-free operation.

With its 4 stages Filtration system, this Air Purifier ensures that you breathe cleaner, fresher air. With an impressive CADR of 580m³/h, it covers an effective area of 70㎡, providing you with purified air throughout your living space.

And don't let the 68dB Max noise level deter you – our Air Purifier delivers outstanding performance without compromising on your comfort.

Ready to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle? Invest in the well-being of yourself and your loved ones by bringing home our top-of-the-line Air Purifier today!

Breathe easier, and live better. Order now and experience the transformational power of our Air Purifier. Enjoy cleaner, fresher air at your fingertips!

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