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Is It Really Worth Buying An Air Fryer?

Air fryers have recently become a trendy and hot-selling appliance, and everyone is buying one. If you have not purchased an air fryer, then the temptation to try out one of these new kitchen gadgets may be quite strong. In this blog, we are going to find out whether an air fryer is worth all the hype or not. Does it produce mouthwatering food that is a treat to the taste buds? 

High-end air fryers tend to be expensive, and buying one can mean shelling out a lot of money. So, we are here to prevent you from making a decision you will regret later by giving you solid advice and information about the air fryer in this article. 


What Exactly is An Air Fryer?

What sets an air fryer apart from other cooking appliances like an oven is that it can cook without oil. It uses a fan-exhaust system that circulates hot air through convectional currents. Air fryers tend to be compact, so the food item cooks quicker than a typical oven. Hot air circulation in a fryer is high-speed, so the cooking speed is also fast. Unlike an oven, the air fryer does not use a heating element to heat the environment when cooking food. 


Pros of Owning an Air Fryer


Faster Cooking Time

A major positive of using an air fryer to cook food is that it can cook food faster, thus saving time. So, if you have a busy schedule and need to whip up something fast for lunch, an air fryer comes in handy. Simple recipes that do not involve many ingredients can be cooked much faster in an air fryer than in a traditional oven. 


Versatile Enough to Handle Various Dishes

A modern air fryer is capable of quite a lot of cooking techniques. It comes with various cooking options integrated into the settings, and you only need to push a button to optimize the air fryer for a particular cooking technique. You can bake, roast, grill, and even dehydrate. So, the variety of settings makes the air helpful fryer. 

Choosing the right air fryer comes down to considering features and size. A small family would only require a single-drawer air fryer. However, for a larger serving, a bigger fryer with double drawers is preferable. 


A Healthier, Oil-Free Cooking Process

The unique selling feature of an air fryer is that it uses only a small quantity of cooking oil. Consequently, fried foods such as fried chicken, crispy beef, etc., that need to be deep fried can be cooked in the air fryer without harming your health. Although air-fried foods are healthier, they are still not very healthy if eaten excessively.


Air Fryers Consume Less Power

Regarding power consumption, air fryers have an edge over ovens or toasters. Many models of air fryers consume different amounts of energy, but as a whole, air fryers consume less power than ovens. Having a clear idea of the energy consumption. The best way to calculate this is to multiply the total watts consumed by the number of hours and divide the figure by 1000. This will be your daily kilowatt-hour consumption. 


Cons of Owning an Air Fryer


Occupies Kitchen Space

An air fryer is just like any other kitchen appliance in that it occupies space on a kitchen top, which is a significant downside if you have a small kitchen. Most people living in apartments have congested kitchens, and there is only enough room for the most essential appliances. An air fryer is not an important appliance. You will regularly use the oven and toaster more than an air fryer. So, you can make do without an air fryer if the space is limited.


Small Meal Size Portion

Another drawback of the air fryer is that it can only serve a small number of people. This makes it useless in scenarios where an abundant portion of food needs to be served for a large gathering. A large-sized air fryer is only helpful for serving two or three people. 


Recipe Options are Limited

Although an air fryer is capable of various cooking techniques, it simply doesn’t compare with the versatility of the oven or toaster. The list of recipes that can be made in an air fryer is not extensive, and you will have to search for the correct recipes that suit the appliance. This can be a hassle if you are short on time. The meal portion is also insignificant, so it feels like you will spend more time researching recipes than enjoying the food to your heart’s content. 


Air Fryers: Worth it or Not?

In short, buying an air fryer is a matter of preference. Although they promise us a healthy way of cooking, there are significant drawbacks to purchasing the air fryer, such as limited food recipes that can be cooked in it and tiny serving sizes. Moreover, they do not come cheap. All these factors would make people avoid air fryers, and we do not blame them. We recommend that you look for a large air fryer with sufficient capacity to serve more people and diverse features that give you a broader array of dishes to choose from since the air fryer would be compatible with more dishes. You will have to hunt the online market but find a model that fits the bill. But it is worth the hassle to buy an ordinary small-sized air fryer. 


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